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Our main strength is high standard specialized Obstetric and Gynaecological services, Paediatric services and related general medical services in a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. 
We provide this at highly competitive rates.

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Book appointments online instantly, wherever you can connect to the internet.

- Featured Services

Blood Transfusion

Severe haemorrhage can be a serious complication of any surgical procedure or...

Specialized Clinics

Gynaecology clinics: Addressing all gynaecologic problems, a...

24-hour In-Patient Care and Emergency Service

We are able to address your emergencies and inpatient needs in well set up ro...

Outpatient Consultation

Come in for a new experience in patient care. We offer a comfortable environm...

Laboratory Services

Laboratory services can be done during your visit to the hospital. Over 1000 ...

Family Planning

Full range of family planning services available including Mirena, IUCD, impl...

Surgical Procedures

We have a Major operating theater and offer the full range of obstetric and g...

24-hour Nursing Care

24 hr Nursing services by both midwifes and general care nurses.


Immunisations are interventions put in place to protect us from various serio...

The Goal: To loose 5-10kg in 8 weeks

Personal Trainers

You have at your disposal Personal Trainers who are professional fitness trainers. They will assi...

SINEL Antenatal Exercise program

Antenatal exercise has great benefits for both mother and the baby. This program is run by professional fitness trainers with skill in managing ...